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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dessert floor(ขนมชั้น KHANOMCHAN)

Component :Rice flour 1 / 2 Tgwitwg.
1 Tgwitwg cassava.
Chickpea flour 1 Tgwitwg.
Sugar 2 Tgwitwg.
2 Tgwitwg coconut milk.
Jasmine water Tgwitwg 2.
Mix a little food color.

How do
1, take the sugar dissolves with water jasmine. Golden syrup in a saucepan boil enough melted down, lifting it out live.
2, filters with some whites. Take it.
3, boiled coconut milk to boil the coconut milk gradually, people do not catch the ball as it raised enough heat from the stove to rest beforehand.
4, the rice flour. Chickpea flour. Cassava and rub together with the existing elite. Then stir into the syrup put together if that is too dry. Jasmine water to go down. A few do not wrong?
Filtered again with some whites.
5, break into two of flour. Mixed color light color to a part such as a green light then the white part of the meat powder. Without blending. Only to alternate layers.
6th floor, at least 7-9 should choose color and light to rich. And look mouthwatering. Not scary
Down to the floor, each tray of sweets from some of it to the nest to steam until cooked, and brought forth another floor switch and full-color tray and let cool and cut into pieces.

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