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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOOK CHUP(ลูกชุบ)

Steam cooked green beans 1 kg pulp.
Sugar 2 1 / 2 Tgwitwg.
Cream (coconut 400 grams) 1 Tgwitwg.
Mix different color food color.

The plate
Gelatin powder 1 1 / 2 tablespoon
Water 2 1 / 2 Tgwitwg.
Sugar 1 Tgwitwg.

How do
1. coconut milk mixed with sugar, beans, mashed together raise the fire.
2. stirred by the light wave capture light and not be vat
3. Coffee beans, stir to cool it. Bring a form of sculpture in wood, wooden plugs as needed.
4. Use the paintbrush dip into the color release on the mold pocket. The travesty of the actual release. Leave it to dry to a jelly coat.
5. gelatin mixed with water to raise the fire before they enter the sugar dissolves. Boil until thick jelly.
6. take the candy mold and then plug in the tree once the jelly coat around. Leave until dry then coat again. This approximately 3 - 4 times each to the plate to cool. Previous set jelly every time.
7. when gelatin is take a hard wood plugs. Stalk and leaves, decorated with beautiful

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